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For many, when starting a business the choice of whether to be sole trader or registering as a business can be a difficult or an obstacle left to a later date.

Our experience at Digital Decentral sees a real benefit to incorporating a business at the start & with modern methods of registration the process is simple & relatively low cost (in some cases even free!).
Firstly & foremost, for personal liability & reducing your risk.

As a sole trader there is no distinction between yourself & your business activities.

This can expose an individual to personal risks that can be simply offset via registering a business.

Unforeseen circumstances or unknown implications can arise in the most unusual of places that can be managed or reduced with a company formation.

Secondly, a business registration can open up opportunities & potential benefits that is the main reason for why our team see it as an essential requirement.

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As you begin to setup operations or start trading, what often happens is you realize having a business is a requirement for access to banking networks, services & markets.

Opening up a business bank account to establish a payment gateway or merchant account needs a business license, providing lower fees & better features or services.

Options to offset expenses, lower tax exposures & additional flexibility in managing your personal & business finances become available.

Maintaining your administrative requirements as a business owner is relatively easy when you know how & considering the benefits it is a rewarding or worthwhile activity, particularly when you can simply outsource your accounts to a third-party.

Taking all of this into account, we strongly recommend registering a company when you start a business & know that you can always change or restructure your activities at a later date but it is important that you have one.

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