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With so many different locations to start your business or non-profit, deciding what is the best place & company to type for you is often a daunting proposition.

At Digital Decentral we understand the difficulties in making this decision with so many factors to consider.

Setup & annual costs, administrative requirements, banking access, company offices & taxes are all aspects to consider.

Our team recommend focusing on your businesses specific needs & work backwards from there.

Restructuring your business at a later date is a real option when you start to have significant sales, plus you will know more about your activities.

For most, being a resident can streamline your setup process & reduce costs but if you are targeting a specific region or setting up a business is  expensive or in a high tax jurisdiction, the non-resident path may be the best solution.

Our company formations have been selected to give specific access to global markets with excellent banking networks & tax rate options.

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We identified that most businesses are concerned with market access, favorable tax rates & low setup costs.

Our company formations have strategically selected to give global access whilst considering all the elements discussed above.

The company formations we offer include the UK, US, EU (Ireland) & Hong Kong.

Bank accounts that can be setup online as standard with all having access to payment processors, such as Stripe or Paypal.

Our offers include a free UK company formation with online banking, offshore incorporation in the US or Hong Kong with all locations having a residents & non-residents option.

Reach out to us if you have any questions.

Checkout our online store to review our services & prices or keep reading via our blog.

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We are a UK based company provide services to individuals, startups & small businesses.

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