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Search-engine-optimization or SEO, gets a lot of attention online but few explain what or how it is done.

The process is opaque without a clear structure for achieving results.

That is in-part due to the fact that there is no simple answer, only best practices & helpful techniques.

In-short, SEO is tailoring your website & activities so it can be recognised by search engines with the result that they present your site in search queries.

At Digital Decentral, our team are big fans of combined strategy of on-site & off-site SEO.

Utilizing targeted keywords within your website to trigger search engines searches is vital via titles, content, meta tags & URL’s are the places to start.

Social media & general online presences with links to your site, are in our opinion the next stop.

Splitting your SEO strategy between short-term & long-term targets is an excellent approach.

SEO is not a quick fix but deploying the above can see results fast with long-term persistence the method for seeing high page-rankings.

SEO Services


SERP Strategy

The aim of SEO should be focused on the search-engine-results-page (SERP).

Ranking highly on search queries, ideally on page one, is key to generating traffic & reaching customers.

Matching search queries with keywords recognised by the search engines is the name of the game.

Targeting less-competitive keywords for easier rankings is the best strategy to start with, often valuing longtail-keywords of short or general keywords.

Selecting keywords that are matched to customer searches at the point where they are looking to purchase your goods or services is the optimal approach in the short-term.

The buying process is often characterized by four steps: awareness, interest, decision & action.

Specifically targeting the ‘action’ stage & ranking highly produces the best results.

For the experienced, we recommend outsourcing to experts to help with strategy & initial deployment.

Reach out to our team for advice.

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