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Website Options

There are various options available in regard to website platforms for both websites & eCommerce stores.

Features & prices that can cater to most via mainstream off-the-shelf services with little need for extensive customized web development.

At Digital Decentral we have experience using a wide array of website building platforms for both online shops & websites..

We know that choosing a platform can be difficult when considering all the factors whilst trying to understand different features of each.

Setup processes, up-front costs vs monthly low fees & professional dynamic templates with limited customization’s are some of the issues to consider.

Seeking guidance can be invaluable to save time & expenses.

The intricacies & specific features of each platform need to be understood to avoid errors & achieving your goals.

We have included what we think are the best services available that can cater to all those that want a website or ecommerce store at affordable prices.

Website Setup


Websites & eCommerce

We use three platforms to cater to our customers needs: Shopify, Squarespace & Wordpress.

We believe these are the best platforms to meet all our customers needs.

Squarespace has clean professional templates that are a fit for most companies with a low monthly fee plus a few integration options.

Wordpress has endless options & can cater to both those that want a website or ecommerce store via a WooCommerce integration.

Wordpress can be more difficult to setup but has more flexibility in terms of functionality & integrations plus it is free to use apart from domain & hosting fees.

Shopify is a specialist ecommerce platform with many features & integrations with a low monthly fee that provides a complete service for those selling goods online.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us for some free guidance.

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We are a UK based company provide services to individuals, startups & small businesses.

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